We're really excited that you want to be part of the team for DV19!  

Please Begin by reading the Cover Letter Found by Clicking here.  Once you have read that and have discussed with alex any questions or problems, please complete the form as best you can below.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch with Alex.  You should hear from us within a week of submitting your form.

Part One: All About You!
Name *
Address *
Role on the Holiday
It would be helpful to know what Roles you would consider doing on Dorset Venture. We cannot promise a role you tick, as we must weigh up the needs of the Holiday with the people who apply to lead. If you have discussed your role already with Alex, you can leave this blank. Please tick any roles you would be happy to do:
I give consent for Urban Saints to send me news and updates...
It's important if you want to be contacted about serving on future years that you give permission for us to contact you via one of these methods.
Part Two: Skills & Qualifications
Do you hold any of the following?
Please ensure they will be valid for the whole of the holiday.
E.g. level of qualification - especially for Lifeguard/Food Hygiene/First Aid.
E.g. water sports instructor qualifications; dance experience or qualifications; acting or drama experience; nursing degree; etc...
This section of the form requires you to tick the appropriate answer to each question and then provides space for you to make a short comment. If you answer 'YES' to any question, please provide an explanation in the comment box for that question.
Do you suffer, or have you suffered from any illness that may directly affect your work with children/young people? *
If you ticked YES, please provide details:
Have you ever had an offer to work with children/young people declined? *
If you ticked YES, please provide details:
Has there ever been cause for concern regarding your conduct with children/young people? *
If you ticked YES, please provide details:
Are there any organisations, professional bodies or societies of which you are a member? *
If you ticked YES, please provide details:
NOTE: this part to be complete by all applicants.
Please tick where applicable. If you are unable to make any of the declarations below, please contact us by telephone to discuss this further before returning your application form.
I declare that I have not been convicted, cautioned or charged in relation to any offence (excluding minor motoring offences) nor, to my knowledge, am I at present the subject of any criminal investigation or prosecution. In view of the nature of the work for which you are applying, this position in Urban Saints is exempt from the provision of Section 4 (ii) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions Order 1975). You are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are 'spent' under the provisions of the Act. *
I agree to work within the standards given in Urban Saints' Policies as set out in the current version of the 'Know How Guide'. I know that it is my duty to protect the children and young people with whom I come into contact. I am aware of what action to take if I have suspicions about the welfare of a child or if abuse is disclosed to me. I am aware of the need to work within the limits of Urban Saints' insurance policy and not to enter into long term contractual agreements without having either the authority to do so, or without an agreed financial model in place. *
These will be covered on the Training & Planning Day.
I consent to my personal details being kept at Urban Saints Support Centre and also being made available to others involved in the work of Urban Saints, in line with GDPR legislation. I agree to a DBS/Disclosure Scotland/POC (NI) check being carried out. *
I declare my personal faith in Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as Lord. I acknowledge and agree with the Urban Saints Basis of Faith, dream, passion and commitments as detailed in Appendix 1 of this form. I agree to become a Member of Urban Saints*. *
* Please note: The registered charity name of Urban Saints is 'The Crusaders' Union', and this name is referenced in the Constitution. The Crusader's Union has been operating as Urban Saints since 1st January 2007. Note: You can find the Basis of Faith, etc... on the Cover Letter.
Part Four: References
Upon receipt of your application the relevant member of the Key Staff will contact you for appropriate references.
Part Five: Donation
Urban Saints recognises and appreciates that, by being part of the Holiday staff team, you are generously giving your time and talents to the ministry of Urban Saints Holidays. We also believe that, by being part of the Holiday ministry, you see its importance to young people and would therefore be willing to give financially to ensure that this ministry continues. At Dorset Venture we ask each leader to give what they can towards the cost of the holiday. Young people pay £200 for the 10 days. We aim to receive an average of £100 per leader, with some paying less and some paying more depending on their financial situation. Please prayerfully and thoughtfully give what you can. All donations are gratefully received and go towards making DV the best it can be. All donations made by Holiday staff will go into a fund to support the economic provision of holidays for young people and the overall ministry of the Holiday programme.
Gift Aid: If the giver pays UK Tax we can claim Gift Aid on their donation, increasing it's value by 25%. Would you, or the person donating for you, like to receive a Gift Aid Form so that we can claim Gift Aid on your donation? *
If you are able to give a donation, please help us plan and budget for the summer by indicating how much you can give towards the holiday:
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. All that's left to do is hit 'Submit'.